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July-September 2017 Newsletter

Val Yoder first delivered the message Get in the Way of Evil at REACH 2017, a gathering of young people and numerous conservative Anabaptist ministries. The message is here adapted for The Monitor.



April-June 2017 Newsletter

In this newsletter, Evan Byler reflects on the choir tour experience of Haiti.


January-March 2017 Newsletter

SMBI is celebrating its fortieth anniversary! Join us for three days of reflection, connection, and celebration. Additionally, this edition of the Monitor features an invitation to join Dwight and Joanne Martin on an Anabaptist History Tour of Germany, Switzerland, and Holland.


October-December 2016 Newsletter

How do we deal with hard things that come our way? In this newsletter, Elijah Yoder offers four ways we can think about difficulty and preparation for hard times.


July-September 2016 Newsletter

What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Physical death? Clifford Schrock, administrator of SMBI, explores end-of-life questions in this fall newsletter.


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