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I’m one who does not like to face my fears. I don’t mind staying in my safety bubble where nothing can harm me. I never thought it was wrong to look at life this way. I always thought that it was just who I am and that if I don’t want to do something then I don’t have to do it. But this summer, as I went on WATER, I found out differently. My safety bubble ruptured one afternoon as I found myself perched on top of SMBI’s swing set. I stood there trembling, wondering how I would ever make it across the beam. After much encouragement from my teammates, I made it safely to the other side. Once my feet hit the ground, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I realized how much my fears held me back in life.

I think of Jonah in the Bible. God called him to preach to the city of Nineveh. The thought of preaching to that great city frightened Jonah so bad that he ran and got on a ship going far away. The ship encountered a storm and the vessel got tossed to and fro. Finally Jonah gave in. “Throw me over board!” He cried. He thought that he got away from his assigned task, but God provided a big fish to swallow Jonah. For three days and three nights, Jonah suffered in the fish, until finally Jonah’s will broke and he was willing to preach to the great city of Nineveh. The people> repented and God showed mercy to the city which did not please Jonah.

I often wonder how different Jonah’s story would be if he would have stepped out of his bubble and would have followed God’s calling the first time. Would he have gone through the storm at sea or spent three nights in a fish’s stomach? I believe not. How about the end of the story? Would Jonah’s attitude towards God’s compassion been different? Some how I think so. So as you go out into life, will you let your fears block you from doing the will of God or will you pop your bubble and face your fears?

-Brenna McVeigh, Monterey, VA


WATER has been an amazing experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone. Before going on WATER, I had gone on a few missions trips but I didn’t know what it was like to really give up my “normal” life to go and serve people in another culture and country. I know I only got a very small taste of it but it did give me some insight. The country I went to was Nicaragua. I lived in a very small village/town with two other single girls. In basics, I learned that being a missionary is living a normal life with the natives and showing them Christ. It may not always be crazy exciting or stretching but it is what it is: Showing Christ to the people around you. We also did a lot of hiking and had some amazing adventures such as hiking volcanoes and hiking through the mountainous jungles of Nicaragua during rainy season barefooted.

One thing you hear a lot from people when they come home from mission trips is “Wow, we are so blessed and have so much stuff” and it is so true. After coming back, I realized how much stuff we have that we don’t need, yet for some reason we think that we need more. It really doesn’t make sense when you step back and think about it. Another thing that I absolutely loved there was the easy going, peaceful spirit. Stuff started when it started and there was not so much stuff that distracts you from serving God. I really feel like God was teaching me to just rest and get to know Him better and that I don’t always need to be on the run. Overall, it was a life changing experience. I don’t know if God will call me into full-time missions, but I am more than willing to go.

-Bethany Fuhrman, Thomasville, PA

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